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Underrated French action movies

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In most parts of the world, American movies dominate above all else, and Hollywood gets most people’s attention and money. But many European countries also have rich film histories that cover almost every genre. France One of the biggest players.

Hong Kong has always had a strong influence on the action genre, but French cinema has also produced some gems and rarely comes close to the original. After all, without Luc Besson, photograph The franchise couldn’t make Liam Neeson a modern-day action star. But there’s more to French action than famous directors.

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doberman – 1997

Based on a series of novels written by French science fiction writer Joël Houssain and bearing his name. doberman It follows a mob of eccentric criminals playing tug-of-war with a sadistic police officer who will do anything to hunt them down. doberman French icon Vincent Cassel stars as Doberman and beautiful Monica Bellucci plays deaf girlfriend in action movie causing serious trouble Bonnie & Clyde vibes.

Director Jan Konen has put together a hilarious and tense film that makes it impossible for the viewer to take their eyes off it. Every scene looks gorgeous, even though it has a low budget compared to other action movies. not only that, Dobermann’s The scene hit hard and brought a lot of shock and awe to the audience.

taxi – 1998

It’s hard to think Besson’s name is underrated, but it’s somewhere in between Leon: Professional When the fifth element, He found the time to write one of French cinema’s greatest action comedies. taxiMovie stars Sammy Naceri, Frédéric Diefenthal and a young Marion Cotillard. A young Daniel Morales teams up with a police officer who can’t drive in a car chase scene on the streets of Marseille.

If that premise sounds familiar, it’s probably because taxi In 2004, we got a terrible American remake starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon and Gisele Bundchen. Taxi 5 It’s a must-see because it’s always made impressive profits. It’s not the pinnacle of French cinema, but you can’t afford to miss it.

À Bout portant (point blank) – 2010

original point blank A rare gem as it thrives on how strong the fight sequences and special effects are. This is not what the old French action classics are known for. À Bout Portants Moments of Action has more features bone Also John Wick Combined with a thrilling atmosphere that will make many forget that this was made in France, at least until the stunning shot of the Parisian landscape shows up.

Oddly enough, Fred Cavaye’s action repertoire is almost non-existent. Most of his work approaches the thriller genre. whole, point blanks “Husband Goes Out To Save His Wife” is so straightforward that the film has been adopted in several countries and languages, and is available on Netflix. point blank The starring Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo don’t quite match the original.

Nidd de Gepes (nest) – 2002

Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a remake of an American classic (John Carpenter’s 13th Precinct Assault) make Florent Emilio Siri nest Not very well known. However, this epic standoff isn’t an inferior version of the previous film, let alone the 2005 version. It can be argued that the difference is primarily aesthetic. Nidd de Gepes You can count on more modern advancements. However, the film’s cinematography feels unmistakably French, unlike the aforementioned. point blank.

This is perfectly illustrated. The Nests The end-credits sequence is quite different from its American counterpart, with its melancholic French and protagonist being developed in such a short amount of time. Admittedly, fighting a gang of 100 Albanians is almost unrealistic, but Sammy Naceri, Benoît Magimel, and Nadia Fares delivered excellent performances, so it’s worth the sacrifice of relevance.

BAC Knoll (fortress) – 2020

Recent entries here are fortress It takes place in one of France’s most dangerous neighborhoods, Marseilles of constant crime, but without comedic relief. taxi bring it to the table. Available right now on Netflix, it offers a better insight into the city’s criminal underworld than the streamer’s poorly rated original series. Marseille.

BAC Knoll A classic tale of good cops and bad cops, it caused a lot of controversy in France when the film premiered. has always been successful, representing a good example of how the reviewers’ opinions simply do not align with the audience’s.

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