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Elodie Garamond, Founder of Yoga Play: "Yoga Changes the Way We See Ourselves"

Editor’s note: This article first appeared in the print edition of the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Luxus + Mag. Click here to see the full issue.

In 2013, Elodie Garamond founded Tiger Yoga Clubs. Enhanced places for yoga, also pilates, barre, chi-junk and meditation. Under her leadership, a network of 5 studios was created in Paris and Deauville, as well as spas in partnership with luxury hotels, a training academy (La Maison du Tigre, Paris 17) and an online yoga platform (Yoga Play) …

The Covid crisis unfortunately had a reason for the clubs who had to close. But Elodie Now it’s back with a new energy, refocusing on its Yoga Lifestyle brand, its academy, spas (three in Paris and Deauville), and especially play yoga.

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How does your yoga style differ from others on the market?

I suggest an approach that is a true art of living rather than a simple mathematical line. In addition to working on breathing and meditation, we also suggest teaching ancient (Vedic) texts. These are all rituals we’ve made into our Yoga Play app. While it already has 30,000 users, including 8,000 paid users, our ambition is to make it the #1 app for the art of live yoga. We have agreements with about 15 hotels in France, so that our offer is suggested in their rooms.

Has the crisis of hunger and confinement increased the proportion of women and men who take care of themselves and do an activity like yoga?

definitely. Before Covid, a lot of people were procrastinating. They discovered yoga during lockdown and removed their psychological brakes: ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m not flexible’, ‘Not mine’… – Suspects arrive at our clubs especially first time men.

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How do you deal with the issue of body neutrality? Can yoga help women (and men) change how they view themselves?

Of course it can. In the face of dysmorphophobia, this ability to negatively judge our body, we can discover, thanks to yoga, the intelligence of the body and all its resources. This interrupts judgment and allows us to have a more benevolent view of ourselves.

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What is your personal idea of ​​wellness today?

It is a system of life and a way of listening to oneself. We are far from the 80s when luxury was associated with beauty. Today, we tend toward inner luxury that can be seen from the outside.


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