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Constantine works better on TV than in movies

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fan of iconic comics hellblazer I was happy to hear that the character would be getting a live-action adaptation in the early 2000s. Constantine Keanu Reeves’ starring wasn’t what they expected.More than a decade later, Reeves, writer Akiva Goldsman, and director Francis Lawrence are reuniting for a sequel. In honor of , Constantine works best in serialized formats like comics and television.

the renaissance of Constantine It kicked off in 2020 when Reeves, Goldsman, and Lawrence reunited for a Comic-Con panel celebrating the film’s 15th anniversary. Reeves was particularly enthusiastic about the film and said he would like to do another one. John Wick franchise, he’s the kind of actor who can give a movie the go-ahead just by saying something like that. And he’s as great a character as Reeves has ever played. It’s not because Reeves isn’t British, isn’t blonde, and doesn’t look like an old and worn-out Sting. That’s because Constantine works best in the series and the characters have time and space.

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Reeves’ hero was intense, a bit cold, and not a nice guy. In the comics, Constantine is all of these things, but he’s also a bit selfish and routinely does things to ruin his friends and allies. A big part of the reason is that audiences actually trust him very little. Matt Ryan has played Constantine in animation and his three live-action TV series, including his own short-lived appearance on NBC. While he wasn’t quite as accurate as the comic, Ryan’s Constantine was more comic-like, beyond his blonde hair and accent. He started out as this mysterious and unreliable figure who ultimately sacrificed himself for the world and, more importantly, for his fellow Legends of Tomorrow.

Constantine no longer appears on HBO Max, but another TV show also highlights how Constantine works on the small screen. SandmanJohanna Constantine doesn’t have a full arc, but like all of Constantine’s best stories, her story begins. Leaving behind destroyed people.Unfortunately Sandman Constantine in Season 2 is not a frequent character in Morpheus stories. Still, she’s largely out for herself and is very similar to the comic version in that she’s just beginning to realize that she’s on her way to how she’s lived her life. is similar to

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All character adaptations must be unique and self-supporting.Reeves version of the character of Constantine DC Comics fans know it’s not the only one, so it’s even better.The character created by Alan Moore is popular because of how shady he is, The Reeves incarnation is popular because who could hate the role played by the man who brought Ted “Theodore” Logan to life. Serialization is the best way to express the overall picture.

Luckily, geeks live in an age of abundance where multiple versions of their favorite characters exist in live action. will be available at Even if that doesn’t happen, the many versions of Constantine on TV and in the movies show just how much depth Hellblazer has.

Constantine 2 is still ahead, but catch the latest live-action Constantine with The Sandman streaming on Netflix.